End of 1992, guitarist PAT LEMOINE leaves FN GUNS (one of the most promising Belgian bands of the 80’s) after the release of the GOOD SHOT album and some touring with PINK CREAM 69. He can’t wait to put a new band together who would allow him to perform the tons of metal riffs he has in mind. He’s looking for the cream of the crop of the local musicians around.

After auditioning a lot of guitarists, PAT LEMOINE immediately has a total synergy with a crazy young lad called PHIL ALTMANN. They want to start serious business together ! JEAN-PHI "FACO" DIRIX is the second pal to join PAT. Everybody in Liege knows his impressive bass playing through bands like SHYNESS and LOOKER.

The 3 musicians are writing some songs but the need to find a vocalist becomes urgent. Fortunately, the treasure is discovered without further loss of time : vocalist PHIL LETAWE ex-ICE NINE/POWER soon joins the staff. From many opinions, he is one of the best belgian vocalists of all times. (Phil Van Steenbergen, the Belgian connection in Aardschok gave this statement). The drummer is not uneasy to find as he was the perfect rhythm machine in LOOKER and SHYNESS with FACO : ALAIN VALANDRO.

The shock troop is ready, CRYME was born. CRYME is looking for a sixth member, a confidant, a mother, a nanny, a human shield, a totally unconscious guy who can help the band facing the music business jungle without too much mishap. MARC "PAPO" TOMBAL accepts this suicidal mission with a big smile. Not only does he believe CRYME has a huge potential but they also are true friends and that’s the most important thing in life !

January 1993, their first release is a demo recorded in the Luc Baiwir (a classical pianist/keyboard player, very popular in Belgium) studios in Grivegnée. Luc often has mega-gigs on lakes with guitarist PAT LEMOINE who is also part of the studio recordings. CRYME is recording a three tracks demo tape : MIDNIGHT SUN, JUST ANOTHER TALE and SQUEEZE IT DRY. Hard work to decide which songs would be on the demo as CRYME has a lot of catchy songs in the set like : GET READY FOR TROUBLE, OPEN FOR BUSINESS, MAMA DYNAMITE, DRIVING WASTED, SCHOOL’S TOO CRUEL, PANIC ON THE STREETS OF FIRE and SUICIDAL GENERATION.

Spring 1993, the first gigs are coming. CRYME is performing in Belgian jails. There’s almost a riot in Saint-Hubert cause the prisoners are so excited!!! The band is facing a crucial problem just two weeks before their first important gig in an open air in Engis in June 93. ALAIN needs surgery for his right knee and must look at the truth eye to eye : he can’t go on playing intensively drums. Never mind that, DA CARDOEN the drummer from ASPHYXIA (hear their excellent thrash CD called Exit : Reality) learns all CRYME songs in only one week (this guy is a music genius). The gig is a hell of a good show but DA intended to go on with ASPHYXIA. CRYME is looking for a new drummer.

In Autumn 93, drummer EDDIE RIXHON (involved in Pirata Concerts and Gauff Au Suc manager) carries on more than he thought. Gigs are numerous, Gent with their friends from SPIKE, the Courcelles Festival with SUCH A NOISE (their famous drummer RUDY LENNERS is a guy who deserves respect - "You’re right Rudy : let’s go for a new crusade !!" ), Liège - La Chapelle in opening of LILLIAN AXE and a tribute to ICE NINE in Chaineux with ASPHYXIA.

January 1994, CRYME is contacting a russian monument called IGOR MOLTCHANOV, the hammer of one of the finest russian bands of all times : MASTER with whom IGOR recorded a few albums. He is living in Belgium and he is looking for a professionnal band with potential. IGOR becomes CRYME’s new drummer, concerts all over Belgium follow one another at full speed. PHIL ALTMANN too busy with his professional life calls it quit and CRYME goes on with only one guitarist left.

In May 94, CRYME is headlining the Charlemagnerie festival in Herstal. The same month they play in the legendary Biebob in Vosselaar ("Hi Bob !") as opening act for the american power metal band VICIOUS RUMORS. PHIL LETAWE meets his idol CARL ALBERT ! GEOFF THORPE personally takes care of the sound during CRYME’s show. ("Eternal thanks for this GEOFF! It’s so rare in this music business"). Anyway, it is one of CRYME’s best gigs !!

June 1994, CRYME is co-headliner at the Fiesta du Rock in Flémalle with UK Band PEACH. There are more and more people at the gigs : CRYME is beginning to have a strong following. In the summer and autumn 1994, CRYME is non-stop touring. CRYME is also busy writing new songs in a more aggressive/metallic direction.

November 1994, the money CRYME earned playing gigs is invested in the famous André Gielen Hautregard Studios in Chaineux to record 11 songs for a CD release. André is known worlwide for the job he did with CHANNEL ZERO and also bands like DEVIATE, KEATON, TRANSPUNK and many many more.

End of December 1994, André is doing the final mix. RAZOR EDGE, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, MOSKOW GIRLS (IGOR knows what he’s talking about), DETOXICATED, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS and CROCODILE PIT are coming in a more metallic vein. CRYME is also recording 4 songs from the early days (in a more melodic hard rock vein) : MIDNIGHT SUN, NIGHT IS OVER, UP ALL NIGHT AND DAY and JUST ANOTHER TALE The 11th song recorded, a Beatles cover, RAIN, won’t appear on the CD.

January 1995, CRYME is involved in a French film in which they play "live" in La Chapelle (a famous rock club in Liege). The movie’s called Chloe and is directed by Mister Berry. It is to be shown on French TV Antenne 2 in 1996. It’s funny to notice that CRYME succeeded in having the script changed. In the original script, the protagonist of the film who is attending a CRYME gig says to his girlfriend "he baby, let’s get out this band is awful". PAT LEMOINE immediately reacted to this asking the director to rewrite the script. !!! In the new version, the hero loves the band !!!. It’s also funny to notice that even though the band actually played MIDNIGHT SUN, CROCODILE PIT appeared on the credit titles). The following weeks, CRYME is busy writing new songs : SUBHUMAN ZOO, MONEY MESSIAH, I8U, NAKED IN THE JUNGLE, GOREGASM,...

May 1995, CRYME is releasing his first video clip under the direction of Philippe DURTKA (another CRYME friend) in La Chapelle of Liège. This clip (CROCODILE PIT) has been played at the "Vidéo Rock’Mateurs" on French musical TV MCM on the 21th of June.

Till end 1995, CRYME is constantly touring mainly with their long time friends LICE TRIBE and their silly guitarist LOUIS ‘Bordel de Merde’ PITTI and the ex-FN GUNS skins tormentor BABOU ‘Hagain’ VANNEYGHEM.

Beginning of 1996, FACO is tired of not seeing the concretisation of a CRYME CD and decides to leave the band. He is immediately replaced by IGOR’s brother VASSILI MOLTCHANOV. CRYME is the only Belgian band to have a full Russian rhythmic section (and two Russian brothers !!!). VASSILI played with well-know Russian band SHAH but never recorded with them.

Summer of 1996, the sky turns grey : CRYME splits !!!

1997-2003 : PAT LEMOINE is working with PHIL LETAWE in rock band BLANCHE ALARME, funk band LET’S GROOVE and he's also playing guitar with french vocalist Alec MANSION. IGOR MOLTCHANOV is mainly doing drums clinics and have issued an instrumental solo CD. JEAN-PHI DIRIX is mainly playing with MARKA and LAURENCE BIBOT. PHIL LETAWE is singing on the Dushan Petrossi project IRON MASK (singing lead vocals on the Revenge is my Name CD issued on January 2003).

May 2003, LAURENT PIETTE, owner of PAINKILLER Records, a CRYME fanatic, decides to sign the band for the release of the 10 songs CD recorded in André GIELEN studios.

September 2004. SCENE OF THE CRYME is the title of the first CRYME CD out on PAINKILLER Records. This happy epilogue also happens thanks to true support from FRANCIS ‘EL DUCE’ LEDUC who's really a great guy and a close friend of the CRYME family.

The world will soon discover one of the finest melodic metal bands from Belgium. Enjoy the music !! Enjoy Life !!!
Phil LETAWE (lead vocals)
Pat LEMOINE (guitars)
Jean-Phi DIRIX(bass)
Igor MOLTCHANOV (drums)
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