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Every Tuesday from 8 to 10 PM
On Equinoxe FM 100.1

METAL COVERHEAT, as the name tells, is a radio show that talks about metal music and is exclusively devoted to music covers. First, the name ďcoverĒ has a double meaning :
1. The cover of an album or a CD or a demo means the front image of the record.

2. But a cover also means that a band chooses a song from another band and plays it sometimes equal or sometimes changing rhythm, style,Ö.. Itís, of course, this definition that gives its meaning to METAL COVERHEAT.

Then Overheat means excited, frenetic or is about a motor becoming hotter and hotter.

So the word COVERHEAT is just a word created by his designer with the contraction of cover and overheat, you could have guessed !!!

This radio show of 2 hours a week gives you the opportunity to listen to covers only, this one feature gives to METAL COVERHEAT a unique nature among the many metal radio broadcasts.

The father of this concept, myself, is far from being a newcomer in the metal world because I fell in the metal cauldron when I was just a kid (see my biography for more details) !

27 years of radio broadcasts in 2009, not bad !!! (You will find a sum up of my radio career in my biography). So letís go back to the end of 1999 when something wild came out of my deranged brain, I wanted to make a special and fun broadcast for Xmas and so I decided to air bands having some songs they created for Xmas and also a few covers from the German CD X-Mas Project I and II Ė Bangin Around the Xmas Tree. Then for Xmas 2000, I had in mind (not to play the same Xmas songs as the previous year) but to party with bands covering others, thinking itís good fun to do that ! So the first 4 covers shows were born with the very first show on the 19th December 2000, 8 shows at the same period in 2001, only 6 (!) in 2002, and from Xmas 2003 to Eastern in 2004 (17 shows) !!! The big excitement to find more and more covers and even tons of them gave me the good idea to start a one and only covers show every Tuesday starting from the 12th October 2004 ! At that time, my radio show was still called Ondes De Choc, the definitive name of METAL COVERHEAT only came later on.

You must know that when the first covers were played on air (2000), covers were not especially fashionable at the time !! The only cover songs I could find were only featured as bonus or rarities on some CDís. But, nowadays, bands or solo musicians often release a CD full of covers and you also have tons of tributes to well-known metal acts !!!

So there is a huge basis of covers to be played in METAL COVERHEAT, thatís the reason each cover will have a ONE AND ONLY airing on the show !!! This show has a playful shape cause you will ALWAYS listen to the cover first so you can guess which band is covered and which band covers ! One exception : the last song on the show cause I donít think you want to wait for a week if you need to know who covers what !!!

Of course you can make any suggestions for covers you want to listen to (if only they havenít been played before on the show) by writing to this e-mail tombalmetal@metalcoverheat.com !!! You will also find a list of covers Iím looking for, if of course you have some out of that list, you can for sure send them on mp3 format for a programming to the show and a big thanks to you !

The show is done in a eclecticism musical way cause all the metal styles are under consideration : youíll hear bands/artists going from AOR/melodic hard rock to black metal without forgetting progressive, progressive metal, hardcore, gothic, death, power, grunge, stoner, punk, sleaze/glam,Öall these bands or musicians covering other metal bands or rock bands or pop bands, french variety, soundtracks, traditional xmas songs, Oberbayern songs, classical music, jazz, military march, or any form of music that has been created !!

Do you feel the need for covers now ? Hungry for that ? So, METAL COVERHEAT, the one and only covers show every Tuesday 8-10 PM on Equinoxe FM, 100.1, LiŤge, Belgium is there for you ! Enjoy music !! Enjoy life !!!

Sweden Rock

Sweden Rock

Metal Coverheat (©2009-2016 Marc Tombal & Pedro Acedo)